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Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is a proven and highly successful process for resolving conflicts, enabling your employees to move forward with a better understanding of the other person's perspective. Below is an outline of the key steps:

Step 1: Pre-Mediation Preparation

The mediator will gather summary information of the dispute and underlying issues and determine whether the situation might best be resolved with a facilitated conversation or full mediation. A facilitated conversation is likely to be a few hours, compared to a whole day of mediation. If mediation is the chosen route, the mediator will have separate meetings with each party to explain the mediation process, which is voluntary, confidential and 'without prejudice'. Each party will be asked to sign their 'Agreement to Mediate' establishing the ground rules and expectations for their engagement in the process for it to succeed.

Step 2: Mediation Session

Initially the mediator works privately with each party to hear their perspective, understand the dispute in more detail and to establish a safe and structured environment for open communication in preparation for meeting with the other party. They can discuss their concerns and explore solutions to facilitate a productive and constructive conversation.

Step 3: Identifying Common Ground

Once all parties are ready, the mediator will facilitate a conversation between them and help the parties to identify the key issues and find areas of agreement or shared interests to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

Step 4: Implementation, Follow up & Support

An outline of the resolutions and terms of the agreement will be formalized into a written agreement for each party to keep and refer to. It will only be shared following the agreement of both parties. The mediator will follow-up to assess progress and provide any further support.​​

The Benefits of Mediation

Positive Communication

Mediation creates a safe and neutral space for parties to express their concerns, hear the other person's perspectives and engage in constructive dialogue. 

A cost effective solution

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to prolonged internal investigations (typically 15+ hours) and even more expensive tribunal proceedings. With the aim of completing mediation within one day, mediation saves your organisation valuable time and resources.

Amicable Resolutions

Mediation guides conflicting parties through a structured, highly successful process, empowering them to collaboratively explore underlying issues and find mutually agreeable solutions. 

Preserving Relationships

Workplace mediation focuses on rebuilding trust and preserving relationships. By resolving conflicts proactively and respectfully, organisations can maintain a positive work culture and retain valuable talent. 

Next Steps... 

If you would like to consider either a facilitated conversation or workplace mediation we offer a free, 30 minute initial consultatioto help determine which solution might work best. Facilitated conversations and pre-call conversations with each party (up to one hour each) are charged at our normal hourly rate. Mediation is charged at our usual day rate and includes a follow-up around a month later to check how things are going and whether any further support is needed.

Please note that our fee does not include expenses such as, travel, meals and hotel stays, which would be agreed separately if applicable. A 50% cancellation fee applies if cancelling/rescheduling the mediation day with less than 48 hours' notice.

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