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Coaching & Career Planning

  • Do you have a teen or young adult who is strugging to engage in their education?

  • Has the pandemic affected your mental wellbeing and sense of belonging?

  • Are you struggling to find a way to move forward in your career?

  • Would you benefit from support to improve your resilience, motivation, communication skills or emotional intelligence?

  • Do you need help finding the right career and support to transition into the workforce?

Increasingly, workplaces are keen to recruit people that both “fit in” with their teams and company culture as well as bringing key skill sets. This ethos recognises that it’s the skills we develop that set people apart beyond the minimum qualification requirement for a role that all applicants will have.


Additionally, here at HR Suite we believe that individuals should continue to develop and gain new skills throughout their lives, as they will be transferable to other roles, so that an employee becomes recognised as retainable “Talent”.


That’s why we don’t just work with companies that are keen to ensure they have attractive working environments, we also offer support and guidance for you so that you can put your best foot forward and demonstrate that you are the kind of employee that an employer would want to hire.


We believe in empowering individuals to build their own future, providing the guidance and support (but not doing all the work for them), so that they become better equipped to help themselves in the future.

We work with individuals to improve your "economic wellbeing”, by helping them to build resilience within the workplace and make informed decisions about their economic viability and future career(s), no matter what stage of their working life. Clients often comment that they feel “lost” and this often relates to life stages or events, including but not limited to:

  • 16+ (GCSE years) – disengagement in school

  • 18+ (A Level) – unsure what to do next, options after formal schooling

  • university graduates/early career support – how to network, where to look for jobs, CV and interview help

  • 30's-40s - moving up the management ladder and challenged by leading a team 

  • women returners after time out to look after children

  • divorcees – lack confidence, want a new direction, different priorities or need part time working

  • 50+ - isolated, maybe working from home, disillusioned, made redundant

Our vision is to create both great employers and great employees that are attractive to one another!

This Service includes:

  • A Skills and Interests Assessment & Evaluation

  • CV/LinkedIn Profile Creation

  • Networking and Industry Understanding

  • Sociological Context & Perspective

  • Training and Personal Development

  • Career Development Signposting

  • Interview Skills Coaching

  • Personalised Action Planning

Success Stories

A University student in their final year, studying Politics and International Relations at Warwick University was struggling to work out what to do after graduation. Using our Personal Action Plan we guided the student to recognise their strengths and interests leading them to explore a career in teaching. As a result the student was able to focus their research, courageously worked at Camp America for the Summer to gain experience working with children, accessed grant funding to train as an English teacher and successfully gained a place at a different University (Nottingham) to obtain a PGCE qualification.

Update: We are delighted that our student landed their first teaching job starting the term after their PGCE year was completed!

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