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Welcome to HR Suite Consulting - We believe in work cultures which encourage individuals to thrive and grow and only work with companies that value their employees as highly as their customers. Our guidance, support and customer service reflects that same level of quality and ambition to achieve business success and growth by engaging employees. We add value to your business by providing Best Practice guidance from the CIPD and evidence-based solutions to ensure your Human Resources service has strong foundations and by working collaboratively with you and your employees to manage Organisational Change and develop your Corporate Strategy and Growth Plans. 

Our services are available to businesses of all sizes. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your requirements and work with you to agree a bespoke package that best meets your business needs.

Our unique service offers both a prevention and cure approach to HR, including compliant documentation and Leadership, Management and People Skills Training and Support. Time and again we know that many managers struggle when they are promoted because they are great at their job, but then don't know how to get the best out of the people they now manage. All too often this leads to conflict within teams or between managers and staff members and ultimately a list of grievances from disgruntled and disengaged employees. 


Our training and coaching for newly promoted managers, existing managers and senior executives helps to prevent managers from feeling ill-equipped to deal with their teams. Rather than feeling neglected, managers tell us they appreciate this skills gap being recognised and supported by their employer. They feel more confident to lead and communicate with their teams as they develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of the management role within an HR context. 

Additionally, we provide training, coaching and support to help Gen Z transition into the workplace, recognising that they missed important opportunities to develop their people skills during the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, sometimes conflict and disputes do arise, most often due to poor communication or misunderstanding. Our cure is to provide impartial workplace mediation or facilitated meetings so that issues are quickly nipped in the bud and resolved collaboratively between parties. This highly successful process, aims to enable the parties to return to work with a better working relationship than before. Employers also benefit by showing they care about and value their employees, whilst limiting stress and anxiety for everyone involved. We advocate mediation as a more positive alternative for dispute resolution, often avoiding the need for lengthy and costly grievance proceedings, which can escalate to tribunal.

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