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Meet The Team

Amanda Waite

Founder & Lead Consultant

  • 20+ Years of HR Expertise: With over two decades of experience, I bring a comprehensive understanding of HR functions to your business. I specialize in talent acquisition, employee relations, leadership development, and more.

  • Building a Strong Workforce: My focus goes beyond filling positions. I help you develop strategic workforce plans and implement programs to bridge skills gaps through industry placements and smooth employee transitions.

  • Conflict Resolution & Communication Expert: I leverage my strong communication and mediation skills to resolve workplace conflict, saving businesses time, stress, and legal costs.

  • Passionate About People & Results: Driven by a passion for positive workplaces, I collaborate with leadership teams and managers to foster effective communication and teamwork. My background in sociology fuels my understanding of human behavior, making me an effective advocate for both employees and businesses.

  • Lifelong Learner & Industry Leader: I hold a Level 7 CIPD qualification, a First Class Honours degree, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership & Management. I continuously update my knowledge with the latest best practices and industry research.

  • Beyond the Workplace: My experience with Sport England's This Girl Can Campaign and involvement with local sports organizations showcases my dedication to empowering individuals.

Let's discuss how I can help your business thrive through strategic HR solutions.


Phil Worrall

Freelance Data Analyst & Performance Insights Consultant

We are delighted to collaborate with Prism Objective Video Coaching, to provide human performance and data analysis insights to improve workforce productivity. 

To find out more please contact us or Prism by clicking on their logo.....

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