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Complimentary Checklists

Did you know there are 14 tasks to complete to set up as a new employer? Our complimentary New Employer Checklist is designed to help First Time Employers starting up their business to ensure it is legally compliant from day one. We also have a Recruitment Checklist and Onboarding Checklist available for New and Existing Employers available to order individually or included in our Recruitment Package. This package includes all the advice, guidance and support you will need to successfully recruit your first employee(s) - please see more information about these below.

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New Employer Checklist

At HR Suite we understand how daunting it is becoming a first time employer. Even if you only want to recruit one employee there are a number of things that you must have in place or have considered before you even post that job ad. Our 14 step checklist guides you through the process. We support you to make sure you're ready from day one. 

New Employer Checklist.png

Recruitment Advertising & Interviewing Checklist

Recruiting staff can be exciting! It's a good sign that your business is growing, however it is vital you use a fair process to avoid accidental discrimination. HR Magazine estimates the cost of a bad hire is three times higher than the salary paid, not to mention the bad will that may spread and damage your reputation as an Employer.

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Onboarding Checklist

Recruiting staff is an expensive process. Around 20% of candidates who experience negative onboarding leave within the first 45 days, leaving you back at square one. We're here to support you to get the right processes in place so that new starters have a positive experience and feel welcome. Our 12 step checklist is available as a standalone item for £25 or is included in our Recruitment Package below


At HR Suite we focus on specific areas of business support. Our Packages are designed to help SMEs to start up as a new employer for the first time or aid the scale up process when growing your workforce. It is good practice to develop a formal recruitment and selection policy which covers all aspects of recruitment and selection to ensure correct procedures are followed consistently across the organisation and that the organisation is able to promote equality of opportunity in its practice.  Our packages contain a collection of legally compliant documents, How to Guides and Checklists as well as access to professional HR expertise and support.


New Employer Starter Package
Starting from £1250

Typically this consists of bespoke documents including: employment contract, staff handbook and 15 essential policies you need to ensure legal compliance including Recruitment & Selection, Code of Conduct, Absence, Communication, Social Media & IT, Alcohol & Drugs, Anti-bribery, Equal Opportunities, Disciplinary & Grievances, GDPR, Health & Safety. 

Business Handshake

Recruitment & Induction Package
Starting from £2000

Typically this consists of an employment contract, offer letter, handbook and 10 essential policies to ensure legal compliance including Recruitment & Selection, Code of Conduct, Absence, Communication, Social Media & IT, Alcohol & Drugs, Anti-bribery, Equal Opportunities, Disciplinary & Grievances, GDPR, Health & Safety. 

Existing Employer Audit
Free Initial Consultation

For Employers that have started in business but aren't yet fully compliant with the law. Don't panic! It's always better to start filling these gaps than not at all. We offer a free 30 minute initial consultation to learn about you and your business to identify the areas where you might need help. Upon engagement, we will spend a day (or more if multi-site) at your premises to get to know you, your workforce and your company culture better. This immersive day includes an audit of your HR documentation, organisational design and robustness and a follow up report with our recommendations for support to fill any gaps identified.

Coming in June 2023!
Workplace Mediation
Starting from £1250

At HR Suite we believe that for your business to flourish employee wellbeing and development should be as important as happy customers. We would far rather support you and your employees through workplace mediation to resolve conflict than to see everyone going through the stress and worry of a costly employment tribunal. Employers must follow a full and fair procedure in line with the Acas Code for any discipline or grievance case so workplace mediation is one way for Employers to show they have done all they can to prevent a case from escalating.

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