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Welcome to HR Suite


We are a Chelmsford-based HR consultancy providing HR Solutions for Expanding and Established SMEs. We are experts in Staff Pipeline Development, Gen Z Integration, Staff Retention and Conflict Resolution. We understand that being an employer can be daunting as there's so much to be aware of! Recruiting an HR Manager full time may be beyond your current budget for now or you may just need some HR support temporarily for a strategic project or to provide some training. 


You may be unsure about:  
•    What are my legal obligations as an employer? 
•    How can I find and hire the best candidates for open positions?

•    How do I address performance or absentee issues with employees?
•    How can I create a positive and productive workplace culture?
•    How can I resolve workplace conflicts?
•    How can I effectively manage a remote or hybrid workforce?

....and that's where HR Suite comes in! 

We provide a professional HR Manager service, working with you to understand and support your immediate needs, while identifying and planning solutions to support your ongoing HR strategy. We understand that small businesses need to take things one step at a time. 

We work with Training Providers and SMEs to facilitate communication, to remove any barriers to participation and bridge the gaps to enable more successful student and learner industry placements. We understand the perspectives and needs of everyone involved. We can provide support and oversight with the planning and implementation, recruitment process, onboarding and offboarding from an HR perspective to make sure good employment practice is adhered to.


If you are feeling unsure or overwhelmed by any of your HR processes, please get in touch to book a strategy session today.

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